Our Venues

The Johnman has several venue possibilities for those in search of an authentic setting for a private function.  Please contact our Project Manager, Christiaan Diedericks, for details.

Chris brings enthusiasm and versatile skills to the task: ‘I am a passionate individual, an energetic person who likes to inject dynamism and innovative thinking into all tasks at hand. I have a passion for people and achievement, with strong integrity to perform and succeed, someone who commits completely to the task before me.’

Chris studied Events Management through UCT and Oxbridge Academy. Through dedicated participation in diverse activities, he has already gained first-hand experience in most areas of the profession.

Events organisation and venue preparation are his speciality.

He worked alongside floral décor expert Alwjin Burger, well known as “Blomboy”, where he was introduced to the artistic side of events such as creating the most beautiful and out of the ordinary floral installations and table settings.

His portfolio is an innovative one; he sees his role as follows:

‘I am excited to host and collaborate with various people at the Johnman’s versatile designated venues. The beautiful and charismatic spaces will provide absolute memorable experiences.’

Please contact our Venue Manager for details:

Tel:  060 988 8422

E-mail: chrisglide@icloud.com

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